Richard Redding.  Introduction to the limited edition books.

Richard Redding Antiques Ltd has produced ten limited edition books, each containing full colour illustrations and expert catalogue descriptions of the many fine works that have passed through our gallery. 1992 saw our first publication, which was followed every two or so years by similar examples; however since 2007 we have produced a new book every year to coincide with our annual appearance at The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), the world’s premier art and antiques exhibition at Maastricht.

Over the years the format and style of our books has changed - as too has our stock, but two factors have remained constant, namely quality and authenticity for we believe that these two criteria are of paramount importance when making any acquisition. The contents of each book include a broad range of art works from clocks, bronzes, furniture, silver and porcelains to paintings, sculptures, garden furniture, glass and other luxury objets d’art. Most of our antiques and paintings date from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries though this time frame is not exclusive nor is their country of origin. However the majority were made in Europe, Russia or the Far East and to a lesser extent America.

The gallery takes great pride in presenting copies of our books to collectors who share our passion for truly great works of art. The response to them has been overwhelming. Most agree that these are more than simple gallery catalogues but should be regarded as serious art historical references as evidenced by the fact that at TEFAF 2006 one of our limited editions was short listed for the prize of the best researched book. As you turn over the pages of these books you will see that each work of art is illustrated and is accompanied by full cataloguing details including information on its maker, its style, bibliographic references and where known its provenance and exhibition history. While the gallery prides itself on the quality of its books, we believe that there is no better way to appreciate a piece than to see and handle it in person. We therefore offer a warm welcome to all visitors to our gallery in the heart of old Zurich or to our annual stand at Maastricht.



2013 limited edition.

Richard Redding Antiques Ltd.

„The Hartmann Exhibition Clock“

Containing 16 pages of full colour illustrations and clock description..


2010 limited edition.

Richard Redding Antiques Ltd.

Containing 39 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions

2009  limited edition.

Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past.

Containing 159 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

The majority of the items in our latest limited edition date from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries and in the main were made in Europe, the Far East or Russia. Whether made of mahogany, porcelain or glass, most of these luxury objects were decorated with gilt bronze mounts – the material associated with works made for royalty, Emperors or aristocrats. Featured on the front cover is an important elephant clock made in London during the late eighteenth century by Hubert Martinet. We were honoured that the elephant, whose eyes, ears, trunk and tail all move in a naturalistic fashion, was chosen to advertise the antique section of this year’s official TEFAF catalogue. Other highlights illustrated and described in this book include an important regulator by Louis-Constantin Detouche and Jacques-François Houdin, which was shown at the Great Exhibition of London 1851. In addition we are proud to include a Louis XVI regulator by Robert Robin, a Meissen vase most probably given by August III to the Dauphin and Dauphine of France and a pair of gilt bronze and malachite tazze by Pierre-Philippe Thomire. Other highlights include rare furniture such as a gilt bronze mounted jardinière attributed to Jacob-Desmalter et Cie with mounts attributed to Pierre-Philippe Thomire, a Fabergé cutlery canteen as well as a selection of chandeliers, candelabra, vases, in addition to a beautiful life size marble of The Greek Slave by Scipione Tadolini.

2008  limited edition.

Containing 147 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2007, our 2008 publication showed on its cover a superb Directoire polychrome enamel skeleton clock signed by the pre-eminent enamellist Joseph Coteau. Among the more important pieces contained in this book was an Empire bronze and porphyry mantle clock surmounted by a beautiful Classical female head fitted with a movement by Basile-Charles Le Roy, which once stood at Villa Demidoff near Florence. To our delight – and that of its new owner, the clock was used on one of the TEFAF advertising posters. Among other great works featured within the pages was a rare longcase regulator by Claude-Armand Lory of 1823 which was commissioned by the Romantic poet and novelist Victor Prévost, Vicomte d’Arlincourt.

The 30th anniversary book also featured some fine pieces of furniture such as a near pair of Transitional parquetry commodes from the collection of the connoisseur Alberto Bruni Tedeschi as well as a commode by Pierre-Benoît Marcion from the Renty family at Château de Choques, Lille in addition to a number of fine mahogany pieces by the celebrated Empire firm of ébénistes Jacob-Desmalter et Cie. Smaller items included a pair of gilt bronze mounted Meissen figurines each with a Persian nobleman and moor riding an elephant, Oriental porcelain such as a Dehua Blanc de Chine figure of Guan-Di and a silver centrepiece by Elkington and Co. Paintings were represented by a large oil by the Swiss artist Rudolf Koller which complemented such works as a late nineteenth century marble sculpture of the Venus Italica after Antonio Canova, which had been purchased in Italy by Napoleon Graff for his home Villa Sonora at Traben-Trabach on the Moselle.

2007  limited edition.

Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past.

Containing 147 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

The figure of Fame or Renommée was used on the cover of our eighth publication. Made from gilt and patinated wood in imitation of bronze, Fame was carved after a design by Pierre-Louis-Arnulphe Duguers de Montrosier of circa 1805 and was among a number of fine works that we acquired from the collection of the connoisseur Professor Guy Ledoux-Lebard. Among other works from his esteemed collection featured in this publication was a magnificent Directoire console attributed to Martin Eloi Lignereux, Adam Weisweiler and Pierre-Philippe Thomire.

Other masterpieces included a Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain elephant clock, an Empire gilt bronze mounted mahogany bed attributed to Jacob-Desmalter and Pierre-Philippe Thomire, which was made for the duchesse de Bassano, a prominent figure within Napoleon’s Court. Other works worthy of special mention included an important and rare vase by the Royal Berlin Porcelain Manufactory (K.P.M.) made to special order by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV which admirably complemented another rare K.P.M. vase painted with a panoramic view of Potsdam. Although this book was filled with a diverse range of antiques, this year we decided to focus on a limited number of the most important examples, keeping the text to about half a page to make way for additional detailed illustrations. However, as always, full cataloguing details and descriptions are available on request or can be viewed on our website. We also decided to produce this limited edition in both hard and soft back versions; interestingly our clients preferred the latter and thus for this reason we decided to produce the next volumes with soft back covers.


2003  limited edition.

Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past.

Containing 267 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

When we exhibited for the first time at TEFAF Maastricht in 2006 we were delighted to learn that this publication had been short listed for the annual prize for the best researched publication. Although the competition for this category did not continue the following years we were nevertheless much encouraged by the committee’s response to our commitment to research as thoroughly as possible each and every piece. For the cover of this suede and gilt bound volume we featured a detail of an important chariot clock with magnificent case by Emperor Napoleon’s chief bronzier Pierre-Philippe Thomire, after a design by Jean Démosthène Dugourc.

In keeping with past books, the pages contained a range of works made by some of history’s greatest ébénistes, clockmakers, porcelain factories, silversmiths, painters, sculptors and bronziers. While most of the works here were made in Europe, the book also contains works from the Far East such as Japanese Satsuma ware as well as Chinese Blanc de Chine and famille-verte pieces. Although the gallery always aims to buy works in as untouched condition as possible, due to their age and the fact that nearly every object has been moved from one residence to another, a number are in need of sympathetic restoration by experts in their field. For this reason we decided to include a short article about renovation and repair showing illustrations of certain works before and after they had been cleaned, French-polished or expertly restored.

2002  limited edition.

Richard Redding 25th Anniversary.

Containing 311 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

To celebrate the gallery’s 25th anniversary we decided to keep the cover as simple as possible allowing the reader to discover the delights inside this suede covered and novel square-shaped hardback book. This was our largest edition and yet even the 311 pages did not provide enough space to include all the objects that had passed through the gallery during the past two years. Among them were a number of important clocks such as a Louis XVI mantle clock by Renacle-Nicolas Sotiau that was once owned by the German prince Frédéric Othon de Salm-Kyrbourg at his Parisian Hôtel de Salm.

Its beauty was matched by a superb musical rhinoceros clock with a movement by Noël Baltazar, a musical movement by François Viger and case by the eminent bronzier Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain. Other highlights included a Rococo bracket clock by Ferdinand Berthoud, a superb centerpiece by Pierre-Philippe Thomire, a commode by Jean-Chrysotome Stumpff as well as a commode by Jacob-Desmalter formerly owned by King Louis-Philippe. Added to this one can cite a suite of eight fauteuils by Jean-Baptiste-Bernard Demay, a gilt bronze mounted Meissen écuelle and a Regency silver candelabrum by Paul Storr bearing the arms of George Capel-Coningsby, 25th Earl of Essex.

2000  limited edition.

Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past.

Containing 296 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

As one turns the pages of this limited edition, it soon becomes evident that the majority of works here, primarily dating from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, were made by some of the finest artists of the day. Among them were leaders in their field such as the clockmakers Eardley Norton as well as Ferdinand and Louis Berthoud, the bronziers Pierre-Philippe Thomire or Claude Galle and the silversmiths Paul Storr and Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot. The book also contained some fine furniture by history’s greatest makers including Georges Jacob, Jacob-Desmalter and Guillaume Benneman. Added to this was a selection of bronzes including an equestrian statue of Napoleon by Angiolo Vannetti, a number of English and Continental paintings as well as a marble sculpture entitled Laura al Bagno by Santo Varni, dated 1858. Laura’s beautiful Neo-classical reclining form was a perfect choice to wrap around the front and back covers of our book.

1996  limited edition.

Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past.

Containing 84 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

A pair of Minton figures representing Spring and Autumn, which were also signed by the famous nineteenth century sculptor Albert Carrier-Belleuse and stamped A. B. Daniell & Son, Mintons London 1878, featured on the front cover of our 1996 limited edition book. As a departure from our two previous editions, this volume merely included concise cataloguing descriptions allowing the beauty of the illustrated works to speak for themselves. Included in the book were a range of fine quality clocks from a Louis XVI figural mantle clock representing The Three Fates by the royal clockmaker Robert Robin to early Swiss carriage clocks by Robert Courvoisier and later French examples. There were also a number of fine precision clocks such as table regulators by Antide Janvier, Jean-Antoine Lepine and Jean-Joseph Lepaute as well as longcase regulators by Abraham-Louis Perrelet, Jean-Aimé Jacob, Richard Webster and Thwaites and Reed.

Among other fine pieces was a gilt bronze centerpiece by the esteemed bronzier Pierre-Philippe Thomire, a Russian silver and rock crystal bowl by Carl Fabergé, silver by such eminent figures as Paul Storr, Hunt and Roskell, Garrard, Christofle and Tiffany in addition to a pair of silver mounted Baccarat glass vases, a large marble by Carrier-Belleuse and a selection of European paintings.

1994  limited edition.

1994 Limited Edition.

Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past.

Containing 53 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

Due to the enthusiastic response to our past two books, this slimmed down publication contained in depth descriptions of a few select pieces, which were all chosen for their beauty, quality and importance. Featured on the front cover of this limited edition was one of the finest clocks that the gallery has had the honour of owning – namely a Louis XVI longcase regulator by the eminent clockmaker Jean-Simon Bourdier. Housed in a magnificent case by the ébéniste Balthazar Lieutaud it also featured superb mounts attributed to Philippe Caffiéri. Research showed that similar examples could be found in the Wallace Collection and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Frick Collection, New York as well as one made for the marquis de Pange which is now in the Musée de Versailles.

Other quality works featured in this volume included clocks by the esteemed makers, Antide Janvier, Abraham-Louis Breguet and Lepine à Paris. The book also included some of the best silver that we had recently acquired including a pair of Victorian candelabra by Robert Garrard and a late nineteenth century tea and coffee set made by Jean-Baptiste-Gustave Odiot for Cesar Trezza de Mussella of Verona. More unusual works included a very ornate Meissen mirror, a rare pair of silver gilt and glass table lamps by Lucien Falize and Emile Gallé as well as an exotic pair of North Italian Blackamoors once owned by the English connoisseur Dr. Gerald Moore of Heathfield Park, Sussex.

1993  limited edition.

Richard Redding Antique Collection.

Containing 231 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

For our second publication we decided to introduce a padded hardback cover which featured an important skeleton clock with exquisite enamel work attributed to the esteemed enamellist Joseph Coteau. In keeping with the cover design, this book included a number of other great clocks made by some of history’s finest makers such as the royal clockmakers Robert Robin and Jean-Antoine Lepine as well as Abraham-Louis Breguet who was patronized by no less than the Emperor Napoleon. Also contained in this volume were works by other of Napoleon’s favourite craftsmen including the bronzier Pierre-Philippe Thomire and the silversmith Martin-Guillaume Biennais. Among other silversmiths represented here were Paul Storr, Tiffany, Cartier and Georg Jensen to name a few. This book also featured an Emile Gallé glass lamp as well works by Carl Fabergé, a magnificent Austrian silver gilt and enamel table fountain attributed to Hermann Boehm, English and French furniture and a select number of Continental paintings.

1991-92 limited edition.

Richard Redding Antiques Ltd.

Containing 226 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

The first of our limited edition books contained a selection of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century works of art, most of which were made in Europe, Russia and America and by some of its greatest artists and craftsmen of their day. Included in this volume were a number of Continental paintings from Orientalist and genre scenes to still-lifes. This book contained many examples of fine silver such as works by Hunt and Roskell and Tiffany as well as a selection of silver mounted claret jugs and Art Nouveau ornaments. There were also a number of very fine pieces of eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture, bronze sculptures, a Meissen Buddha and even a set of Persian daggers and Russian pistols. However the larger proportion of works featured here came from our clock collection. Among them was one used on the front cover, which was an important Empire astronomical clock by Lepaute à Paris. It was housed in a magnificent case by the bronzier Denière whose design was based on the Lantern of Demosthenes – a distinguished landmark that was first known through engravings published in 1762. Other important clocks to mention included a carriage clock by Abraham-Louis Breguet which he sold to Marie-Christine de Bourbon-Sicile, Queen of Spain as well as a later carriage clock by Jump; this was matched by a Joseph Windmills longcase clock, a Thomas Thompion bracket clock, two Robert Robin mantle regulators as well as a selection of the finest lyre, skeleton and musical clocks.