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Rob Memel

Rob Memel BA is a professional certified clock restorer since 1984. Focussed on early clocks and complicated pendulerie. After a 20 year break, working successfully in the international Human Resources area, he returned back to his roots and started his own company “de Klokkenmaker van Heemstede”.
 He published many articles where his specialism is 17th century archive research.

The Author
, Rob Memel BA


Late 1656 the physicist Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock, which is still considered as very important. As to implement his invention, Huygens sought collaboration with master clockmaker Salomon Coster in the Hague. From that moment on Coster became the most influential clockmaker in the Netherlands.

Because relatively little was known about Salomon Coster, Rob together with Victor Kersing started an archive research on Salomon Coster. Their goal is to map the story of Coster and his family.