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Information on listed entries on the foundation's web-pages has been gathered from various (mainly public domain) sources. It is given to the best of our knowledge and without any guarantee for its accuracy. It sincerely intends to promote the listed entries. If the data listed need to be changed, updated or extended  (E-mail address, additional  pages with pictures and descriptions etc.), please contact:


Anyone not yet, but assumed to be listed on this pages, please: 

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Being listed on these pages is free of charge during an introductory period, unless unreasonable expenses are required for extended information. After the introductory period, ongoing listing with a gallery or introduction page requires a sponsor fee. 

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However the acceptance and refusal of an entry is entirely at the discretion of the Horological Foundation. The Horological Foundation does not accept any liability for its opinions neither for the opinions of those being listed on the Foundationís internet pages. Descriptions given with each object are opinions of the respective dealers or restorers who are assumed to be or to represent the legal owner of the object.

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