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Brian & Joy Loomes

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A handsome arched dial hourly striking lantern clock with alarmwork and half-hour striking made about 1700 by Robert Trippett of London, with (restored) verge pendulum.

  • TRIPPETT, ROBERT. London. He was born about 1674, and was apprenticed in April 1688 to James Hatchman till 1695 and freed in May 1700. He was married in 1696 at St. Giles, Cripplegate, London to Jane Brown, by whom he had several children including: 1697 William, died 1698; 1699 Robert; 1701 John; 1704 William, died 1709; 1709 Sarah; 1713 Mary; 1711 Sarah; 1714 William. One of this name was insolvent in 1723.
  • He took as apprentices: December 1706 William Hutchinson; December 1706 his son, William Trippet, was free (this date does not tally with his baptism); November 1711 Gersham Butcher, son of Gersham Butcher, a tailor of London; September 1715 his son, Robert Trippett. He is believed to have worked at Wapping and to have been insolvent in 1723. He was buried at St. James's Clerkenwell in 1732 or 1735. A lantern clock has been noted, signed on the chapter ring 'Rob. Trippet London'. Another, an arched dial with alarmwork, is signed on a boss in the arch 'Robert Trippett London'.

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