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The Horological Foundation Desk Diary Project.

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A small Japanese lantern clock, made around 1800. The case is made of brass with two doors at the sides. The front is embellished by sedge motifs, while there is a silver bird in the top corner and anotheranimal in the right bottom corner. The case is surmounted by a brass foliot and a substantial bell. The weight-driven two-train iron movement is of 24-hour duration with rope wind. The going train has a verge escapement. The time keeping is adjusted by moving small weights, which are suspended in notches on the foliot, nearer to or further away from the centre. The striking train is regulated by a count wheel and indicates the hours and half hours. The 24-hour dial has a painted chapter ring with Chinese zodiac symbols and Japanese numerals for the indication of the time. • Height: 20.5 cm. 



The Horological Foundation Desk Diary Project.


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