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A late 18th c. Louis XVI Marble and ormulu French mantel clock, Berthoud A Paris. H.

Pierre Louis Berthoud (1754-1813) is usually known as Louis Berthoud and was born in 1754 in Plancemont near Couvet in the region of Neuchâtel as the son of Pierre Berthoud. His brothers were Jean Henri and Isaac. Louis began his apprenticeship with his father at the age of 12. His uncle Ferdinand (see portrait) soon discovered the boy’s outstanding talent and brought him to Paris to expand his training. Afterwards the young Berthoud returned to Couvet because even with his uncle’s support he was not able to find a good position. After the suicide of Jean Henri (who had worked in his uncle’s workshop), Ferdinand brought Louis back to Paris in 1784 and put him in charge of the workshop. When he took the position Louis insisted that the books were kept with the greatest diligence. These books are today held by the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Louis Berthoud took over his uncle’s business after Ferdinand died.

He created the famous chronometer no. 9 with a design that was an absolute novelty at the time.  Louis Berthoud  worked for the observatory and the navy, and was a member of the "Bureau des Longitudes". After his death Abraham-Louis Breguet took over the position of "Horloger de la Marine".


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