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A superb German, presumably Augsburg, late 16th century hour striking tabernacle clock (Türmchenuhr).

  • The front of the firegilt case is dominated by a Roman (1-12) and quarter (1-4) chapter ring with touch pins. There is an Arabic (1-12) alarm disc with three setting holes. The time is indicated by gilt and engraved hands. 
  • The corners of the beautifully chased case are embellished by Roman style pillars on high ornamented bases. The bottom of the case with cut-outs is shallowly moulded and richly chased. At the top the case has a richly engraved bell strap surmounted by a bronze finial. The rear has a chapter with pointer to indicate the hours struck. 
  • The day-going iron posted frame movement with square iron corner pillars, iron bottom plate and top plate. Going train in front of the striking train. 
  • The going train with verge escapement, balance wheel and hog's bristle regulation. This pre balance spring regulation has an adjustable arm carrying two hog's bristles positioned to bank the balance wheel spokes. It allowed finer adjustments of rate than were possible by altering the mainspring set-up.
  • The striking train regulated by a count wheel strikes the hours on a bell. Both going and striking trains are driven via slender gut fusees.
  • Dimensions: H. 26  W.14,5  D.14,5 cm.


Price:  Price on application.



Landgoed "Oosterheide"
Tilburgse Baan 1
4904 SP Oosterhout
tel +31 (0)76 587 57 00
Opening times:
By appointment only.


Also at:
Ginnekenweg 328,
4835 NL Breda.
tel +31 (0)76 560 01 02
Opening times:
Friday and Saturday
From 10 A.M. till 5 P.M.
and by appointment


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