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Samuel Haug Augsburg.

• A square Renaissance horizontal gilt brass table clock, signed on the backplate SA: HA:  (Samuel Haug Augsburg) c. 1630.

• The square fire gilt case rests on four gilt brass bun feet. The underneath is covered by a hinged lid, housing the bell.

• The engraved dial with two steel hands has a Roman 12 hour chapter ring   The gilt engraved alarm disk, which can be set at will, has Arabic 12 hour divisions and three 'setting holes'.  

• The day-going plated movement consists of going, alarm and striking trains. The going train is driven by a spring barrel via a gut fusee and has verge escapement with balance and hog's bristle regulation. This pre balance spring regulation has an adjustable arm carrying two hog's bristles positioned to bank the balance wheel spokes. It allowed finer adjustments of rate than were possible by altering the mainspring set-up. The striking train has a spring barrel and indicates the hour fully on one bell. 

The back plate with locking plate has a richly pierced and engraved backcock and renaissance ornaments. There are three winding squares, one for the going train, one for the striking train and one for the alarm.

• Height: 8,5 cm; Width: 12,5 cm.

• The maker: Samuel Haug was born in 1580 in Augsburg. 1612 Haug was an independent master watchmaker and made numerous watches, table clocks and astronomical clocks whic can be found in many museums and collections. He signed his works with the initials "SA / HA" or "SIHIA".

• Literature: J. Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst, Wuppertal, 2010. p. 261.



Duitse Renaissance doosklok. Circa 1630. Twee keer gesigneerd op de achterplatine:SA: HA: Samuel Haug Augsburg Uurwerk:gaandwerkspillengang - balans - regulage loopduur een etmaal slagwerkurenverdeeld door een sluitschijf wekkerwerk. Kast:messing gegoten, gegraveerd en vuurverguld verrijkt met verzilverden hoekornamenten. H * B * D*8,5 cm. 12,5 cm. 12,5 cm.. Literatuur,Jurgen Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst blz. 261. 




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