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Dutch Louis XV Thermometer, Signed: C: RUSPINUS  Fecit Amsteldam and dated 1755 The silvered brass scale plate with a mercury Thermometer is placed in a mahogany box with a framed glass front.The Thermometer slides from above into the box. It has six scales : Fahrenheit (-20 - 112), La Court (-9 – 52), Reaumur (-23 – 35), L’Isle (193 – 84), Parijse (Paris, -36 – 120), Koningl Societeit (Royal Society, 150 - -32) and the following temperature indications: Extra Koud, Velle Vorst, Vorst, Matig, Warm, Hete Lugt and Bloed Warm.Indication of maximum and minimum temperatures recorded on several dates and locations in the world are also given (e.g. Aan de Kaap 16 April 1752).

Literature : Bert Bolle, Barometers in Beeld  Page 237, note 138.


Hollandse Lodewijk XV thermometer. Gedateerd: 1755.

Gesigneerd: C: RUSPINUS  Fecit Amsteldam

Schaalplaat: messing gegraveerd, ingezwart en verzilverd. Thermometer: kwik   

Schaalen van Fahrenheit, La Court,  Reaumur, L’Isle, Parijse en Koningl Societeit

Kastje: massief mahoniehout.

Literatuur,  Bert Bolle, Barometers in beeld

blz. 237 noot 138

Price:  PriceBands B.



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