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A German renaissance gilt brass table clock with moon phase, unsigned, most probably Augsburg, ca 1620.

The plain square gilt brass case is provided with framed glazed windows on all four sides.  The top has a silvered chapter ring indicating hours with Roman numerals  I-XII and half hour markers. Within this ring there is an alarm ring with Arabic numerals 1-12. Closer to the centre is another ring with Arabic numerals 1-29 1/2 representing the age of the moon or the day of the month. The time in hours is indicated by a pointer with a foliage decoration which forms an integral part of a central disk. Opposite there is similar smaller pointer which indicates the age of the moon. The disk is engraved and depicts an aspectarium. In addition it has circular aperture showing the phase of the moon. There is an outer bezel with quarters (I-II-III-IIII) and 5 minutes (0-5 till 55-60) indicated by a separate blued steel minute hand.  A second smaller blued steel hand indicates the day of the month on the inner (age of moon) ring.

 The spring-driven day-going movement has a going train with a brass fusee with chain and has a verge escapement with a spring balance and pig’s hair regulation. The striking work, which is regulated by locking plates, indicates the hours and quarters on two bells situated on the hinged underside . The hour bell is also used for the alarm.

The clock has the original wooden box with leather decorated covering.

 Dimensions clock incl. feet:

Height 9 cm. Width: 16 cm. Depth: 16 cm.

Dimensions box :  12 x 18 x 18 cm.  


Price:  Price on application.



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