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German iron and brass flintlock lighter with candle holder, end 18th Century.

Stock made of Walnut. The basic mechanism works as follows:  a hammer is pulled back by use of a spring. When cocked or locked in place, it is released by a trigger above the stock or handle. The sharp edge of the flint shears off tiny particles of steel from the frizzes, which slides down onto the open tinderbox, thereby igniting the tinder or fuel within. Once the flame is made in the catch box, the candle is removed from the holder and the wick is held over the flame. Once lit, the candle then lights other candles, pipes, fireplace, oven, etc.

Dimensions: Overall Length:  18,5 cm.  Overall height 12,5 cm.  


Duitse ijzer en messsing vuursteenaansteker. Kaars houder / tafelaansteker / flintlock lighter.

Met notenhouten kolf.

Eind 18 de eeuw.

Maten: Totale lenget 18,5 cm. Hoog  12,5 cm. 


Price:  PriceBands A.



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