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F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

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A small, fine and very decorative 'Garniture de Cheminée' mantel clock featuring the goddess Demeter (Roman Ceres). 

The exotic though charming ormolu case and associated vases with white marble bases adorned with some of Demeter's attributes like wheat sheafes, shekel, grains and turtle doves. Demeter’s primary role was as a goddess of agriculture. She looked after grains and vegetables, ensuring good growth and a bountiful harvest

The 3" ormulu 'cadran a douze' dial with 12 enamel -roman numeral- cartouches and fine blued steel hands.

The 8 day going french 'movement de Paris' (no. 309) with adjustable platform escapement, charmingly strikes the hours and half hours on a bell.

Earliest known owner: Louise Marschlewska c.1820-c.1900 the other woman of count Edmond de Portales 1828-1895.

Height clock: 39 cm.
Height vases: 24 cm.



Price:  band A


F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

Voorhaven 4
3024 RM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

+31 10 4764475

By appointment.


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