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Origin: Switzerland

A very fine well preserved antique neuchatel wall clock, bracket on bracket.
The case is made of pine and hardwood and has black patina with fire gilding and
floral decoration. It is a three part wooden case including the bottom bracket.
The brass movement is original and perfect running, striking the hours and quarters
on a rack system. The escapement is verge (crown wheel). Running duration is about
14 days , having geneva stops.
The striking system is a 'ting-tang' for each quarter. eg.-1 for 1/4 and 3 for 3/4.
It strikes the hour only (no fourth quarter).
Note: for the pull repeat, it strikes in reverse, the hour first, followed by the quarters.
Both steel springs are signed ' G Langin 8 Mars 1793 '
The enamel dial with roman numerals is in good condition.
It has early 'sun-burst' hands plus a third hand for the calendar. You set the calendar
with the dial in the center of the large dial.
Some restoration to the gilding.

Height: 39" (99cm)-includes bracket.
Width: 15" (38cm)-base of clock
Width: 16.5 (42cm)-of bracket
Depth: 6" (15cm)

Price: $4800.USD

For Sale.


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