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F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

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A genuine historical early self winding antique pocket watch movement, by Ferdinand Berthoud. c. 1780. Now with its 19th c. dial and silver case.

Diam movement 42.5 mm. 
Diam case 51 mm.

Ferdinand Berthoud (born 18 March 1727, in Plancemont-sur-Couvet, Principality of Neuchâtel; died 20 June 1807, in Groslay, Val d'Oise), was a scientist and watchmaker. He became master watchmaker in Paris in 1753. Berthoud, who held the position of Horologist-Mechanic by appointment to the King and the Navy, left behind him an exceptionally broad body of work, in particular in the field of marine chronometers.

An exhibition dedicated to Berthoud, entitled Ferdinand Berthoud horloger du Roi, was held at the International Museum of Horology in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 19849, and at France's National Naval Museum from 17 January 1985 to 17 March 1985.

Ferdinand Berthoud's work is also permanently on display in a large number of museums in various countries worldwide, in particular at France's National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, the International Museum of Horology in Switzerland, and the British Museum in London.

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F. Kats Antiquarian Horologist

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