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FRENCH BAROMETER A French Empire barometer with a mahogany-veneered fruitwood case, c. 1815. The case is of austere form with an architectural pediment at the top. It is provided with a Torricelli tube with a reservoir, which is hidden by a protective cover; in the cover there is an hygrometer. Left of the tube there is a mercury thermometer. The atmospheric pressure and the temperature are indicated on engraved silvered brass register plates. The barometer is signed by the maker as follows: Baromètre JECKER À PARIS The air pressure is indicated in French inches (25-30), while the temperature is shown in degrees Réaumur. The relative humidity is indicated on a circular scale with the terms ‘humide’ (humid) to the right and ‘sec’ (dry) to the left The barometer scale also indicates the weather conditions to the right. Furthermore, it is provided with a silvered vernier scale for accurate reading, which is operated by a gilt brass knob.

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