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Index No. A8345 Large Square Decorative Gunmetal Repeater

A late 19th Century quarter repeating lever in an unusual large inlaid gunmetal square case in Japanese style with its matching pagoda stand. Gilt three quarter plate keyless movement with going barrel. Plain cock with polished steel regulator, uncut bimetallic balance with spiral hairspring. Club foot lever escapement. Push button quarter repeating on two steel gongs. Signed white enamel dial with Roman numerals, blue steel hands. Unusual large square gunmetal case inlaid with gilt and silver decoration to imitate Japanese lacquerware. Hinged back opening to form an easel. The movement under a circular glass in a gilt bezel, gilt repeating button in the side. Fine rosewood stand in the form of a pagoda, the watch hanging beneath as though it were a ceremonial gong, the blue steel and silver hammer resting in crutches beneath. Four carved and pierced columns support the roof which has a carved fluted ceiling to the central hook. The exterior of the roof carved to imitate shingles has dragons at its corners.
Signed J W Benson London
Circa 1890

Diameter 65 mm

A fine interesting piece. The chiming watch is hung to resemble a large brass gong and sounds by depressing the button rather than by hitting it with the hammer provided. Benson supplied many watches to the Japanese market this may have been special commissioned.

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