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Mid-Regency Period Mahogany ten-inch dial barometer
with inlays, by Charles Ganna, London

This is a somewhat unusual form of dial barometer, and one which London makers produced in both eight and ten inch sizes. It uses an architectural cornice rather than the more usual scroll or swan neck, and conch shell inlays either side of the thermometer. It is very nicely made with some unusual touches such as the stringing around the thermometer box and has the good and graceful lines of the earlier dial barometers. The dial center is engraved with a handsome compass star. The brass finial and some minor cornice moulding work are the only restorations.

The level plate is signed Chs Ganna, 19 Dean St., Holborn. Charles Ganna is not listed in the usual dictionaries of instrument and clock makers, but the work in the barometer is in the same league as the high-quality Somalvico or Dollond workshops at this period.

Circa 1815-1820
42.5" high, 12.5" wide

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