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Late Georgian Period eight inch mahogany dial barometer by Joseph Gafurio, Chester

This is one of the first of the “Sheraton Shell” barometers, with the conch shell and flower inlays that were just coming into fashion. It has the late 18th century form of case, with the short shoulders below the cornice, crossbanded sides, checkered stringing, and the wide, graceful curve of the case through the thermometer section. The thermometer plate is graduated in the Fahrenheit scale and decorated with foliage engraving at the top. The weather dial is engraved with the weather indications at the outer perimeter, a convention that changed in the next few years. The finish is old and in very good condition, and there has been some minor restoration to the stringing and the cornice mouldings.

Banfield lists Joseph Gafurio as practicing in the city of Chester from 1810 to 1830. Instruments are known signed both Joseph Gafurio, as this one is, and Gafurio and Company.

39" high, 10" wide
Circa 1810

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