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Mobile vetting test* for THF members only
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To vet your object, select a category of numbered imperfections.   


* this test is about weighing imperfections,
not establishing imperfections.

Dial Repeater train
Case Musical train
Ornaments Going train
Movement Alarm
Striking train General





Help for beginners.  

For an object to pass the test, its 'perfection grade' shall be higher than 90%. Hence the amount of acceptable imperfections shall not be more than 9 percentage points, also called imperfection or penalty points.

How to get the 'penalty points' for an object's imperfections:

1)  Select a Category of numbered imperfections.

2)  Select an imperfection issue number in the list.
Some examples as found in the list
Ornaments p. piece
27 side frets (2x)
29 Cresting missing
Going Train
51 escapement reconverted
52 escapement converted
53 weights NA
3)  The results (expressed by penalty points) show how an imperfection applies to an object category.
Clarifying legends are at the end of the results list.

4)  Repeat step 1) for any further imperfections to obtain the total of an object's penalty points.

5)  If the total of all imperfection penalties becomes more than 9 (>9) an object does not pass the test.

 This project is about weighing imperfections, not establishing imperfections.


Acceptable imperfections are often due to normal wear and tear, accidental damage or misuse. 

Perfection grades required to be higher than 90% is a rather demanding standard. The 'vetnorm working party' would like to stress that objects with perfection grades less than 90% could still be of great interest. Restorations, if any, should be carefully executed and documented.

The criteria are to be considered as guidelines only, and do not have any legal status. However, parties could mutually agree to apply a vetting test as part of a deal.

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