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01018 # Wanted by private collector, European iron and country domestic clocks. Contact John Robey.
email: john@mayfieldbooks.co.uk
01017 # Wanted a watch or clock by Daniel Glasgow or David Glasgow of Coleraine and London c1830-1900.
David Brown, No.1 IP2 0DT , United Kingdom tel +44 1473 256679
email: dwmbrown@aol.com
01016 # Wanted, Astronomical regulator movement with 24 hour dial.
William Knapp
01015 # Wanted Table Clocks, Pocket Watches and Marine Chronometers by Horatio Finer, Thomas Finer, Finer and Nowland, Widenham or Widenham & Adams.
Richard J. Finer Horseshoe Cottage Over Compton, Dorset. DT9 4QN
tel: 01935 434522
e-mail: finers@btinternet.com
01014 # Wanted Vienna Regulators (weight driven) especially miniatures and serpentines. No reproductions please. Lawrence Tan. 
e-mail: shienloon@yahoo.com
01016 #


Pocketwatches collector
Manuel de la Giraudier
Alfonso XII 71-73 1º2ª
08912 - Badalona
+34 93 383 57 57
I am interested in buying.
I’m a private collector of pocket watches(16th-19th Century).
Gold & Grands Complications Pocket watches: minute repeater, musicals, autómatas, erotics, fantasy, etc.. (Patek, Vacheron, Breguet, etc..)
Excelent Condition.(Case, Dial, Movement, Needles, Good running).
01013 # Wanted a north african astrolabe from the 15th-16th centuries (or earlier).
Pierre Fabre, 131 Sullivan Street - 2B
New York, NY 10012, U.S.A.
u.s. voice: (917) 378-4112
u.s. fax: (646) 349-2104
e-mail: commandx2000@yahoo.com
01012 # Wanted extremly for the gift Chopard Vintage Oval Diamond Bezel ladies wristwatch
Alexander Khochinskiy
01011 # Wanted a music box, carrillon or organ, for a French Louis XVI period pendulum clock. Carlos Alba, Paseo Castellana, 211, 28046 Madrid, SPAIN, Tel. 34-917330752
e-mail: carlos.alba@uam.es
01010 # French XVIII century clock mouvement, prefer skeletonized dial or nice enamel signed one, total external diameter of dial+bezel 10 centimeters.
Carlos Alba, carlos.alba@uam.es
01009 # Looking for a Turret Clock that is weight driven with an approximate face diameter of 4 feet. Preferably restored.
Amanda Jackson, Dallas, TX USA
e-mail: amanda@vivian-nichols.com
01008 # Very interested to buy any item made by WILLIAM HANNINGTON london and Glasgow (d.1812 Glasgow), or reference to him in any books.
B.Austin,5 Buena Vista Ave, Clifton Gardens NSW Australia. 2088
email: baustin@netpro.net.au
01007 # Wanted, buy-exchange-sell tower clocks and early iron clocks.
tel. ++39 338 6288872
email :
01006 # Wanted by private collector: One or two weight
Austrian non-factory vienna regulator wall clock, late biedermeier, transitional or early altdeutsch style, circa 1860-1880. Movement must be original. Prefer signed dial or pie crust bezel but not necessary. Do NOT want miniature or serpentine. Interested in vienna
regulators ONLY, priced below $2100 US.
Gerald Walsh, USA.
01005 # Mechanism for USA made 1886 Elgin 11 jewel Gold Pocket Watch.
Need working or reparable mechanism for USA made 1886 Elgin 11 jewel Gold Pocket Watch
Family heirloom I would like to have restored.
Elisabeth Logan, 6180 Pimlico Court
Tallahassee, FL 32309 USA
01004 # Renaissance table clock, (Türmchen etc.).
pls. contact:

01003 # Any Lemmon pocket watches and clocks from London. Makers include Henry, Charles and Edward Lemmon, 18th and 19th century, London.
Greg Lemmon, Canberra, Australia
tel: +61 419 240062
e-mail: gregclemmon@gmail.com
01002 #

Wanted: Robert Webster Longcase Clock
Richard Martin
The Moorings
Newbiggin-By-The-Sea NE64 6UN
E-mail: richard.martin@northtyneside.gov.uk

01001 # Suche orginal  Mahagoniholz Englische Standuhr, wenn Sie Angebote haben bitte
unter E-Mail: egonboender@netcologne.de
Egon Boender.

01000 # French Industrial Automaton clocks and French Swinger Clocks desired to purchase.
John Gill, 1971 Eva Drive, Lansdale, Pa. 19446 USA
0999 # Suche Kontakt zu LouisAudemars-Sammlern! Bin an allem ueber Louis Audemars interessiert: Literatur, Kataloge, Abbildungen, Werke oder auch Uhren. Hauke Norbert Heffels Weidenhof 39 52477 Alsdorf TeL/Fax +49 240468445
0998# A similar mantel clock as shown on the picture, Empire/directoire.  Please contact knk@planet.nl

  Tower Clock Works
antique, old iron works and later brass examples No museum pieces
Ben Russell
TURMUHREN, Turret Clocks.
An-/Verkauf Restaurationen
TeL/Fax +49 7223 75956
  Seeking Precision clocks
Olivier Perrault, 3330 Pacific Avenue, Suite 404, Verginia beach, VA 23451 USA. Tel: +1 757 428 8180 Fax: +1 757 428 6253. E-mail: olivier@visi.net 
  Irish clocks wanted. Interesting, early or unusual examples from Dublin etc,  Longcase, bracket clocks, movements, and ephemera.
David Boles, 20 Lr. Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9.
Tel: 00353 1 8302040.  E- mail: dboles104@compuserve.com 
  Items of horological interest, clocks, watches, ephemera from Ireland.
Killian Robinson, 19901 Malvern Road, Cleveland OH 44122,
USA. (216) 9219360. E-mail: killian.robinson@worldnet.att.net
  Sundial Farm, Antique clocks wanted, any condition, 
335 Greenlawn Road, Greenlawn, L.I., New York 11740. tel: +1 516 757 9521 fax: +1 516 754 8189.
  G, any condition ,singlepieces or complete collections. send photos to Ron Palladino, Solvang Antique center, 486 first street, Solvang, CA 93463, USA  
  Musical boxes, Musical clocks, Mechanical Organs. Any condition. Mechantiques, The Crescent Hotel, 75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 USA. tel: +1 800/671-6333 (Martin Roenigk)   
  Black Forrest Clocks. Paying top Dollar refferal fees. Meurs Renehem, 234 Long Hill road, Guildford, CT 06437 USA tel: +1 203-458-3127 fax: +1 203-458-3327.  
  Le Coultre Clocks. Bob Silverman, 1-800-lemon-law. USA  
  Original Glashutter and Hanhart Officers-Pilot Gronographs. Buys or repairs. Peter J. Buse, Heidelbergerfassgasse 8, D-55116 Mainz, Germany. tel: +49 6131-234015 fax: +49 6131-236594.   
  Cash for fusee's. Buy fusee pocket watches any condition. Also fusee parts. Nick Bristol, Dallas, TX, USA tel: +1 214-9433452  
  Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and other fine wrist watches. Jan Bronson, 9601 Wishirw boulevard, #122 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA tel: +1 310 273-1141 fax: +1 310 556-time.   
  Vintage Wristwatch & Jewellery. Gregg Esses p.o box 542235, Houston, TX 77254-2235. tel: +1 713-523-5508  fax: +1 713-523-5551  email: truffles@hall-pc.org Collectors send Name and Address to be incluced on our mailing list.  
  Old Marine Chronometers, Barometers, Sextants & Octants, Ships Clocks, Compasses, Any and All Nautical. Rod Cardoza, 2495 Congress str. san Diego, CA 92110 USA. tel: +1 619-296-1097 fax: +1 619-296-1097 e-mail: westseaantiques@home.com    
  Surveying Compasses, Instruments of Navigation, Surveying instruments, Marine Chronometers, Chelsea Clocks. Stephen Buczko, 27 Surrey Road, Salem, MA 01970  USA. tel: +1 978-744-4683   
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